Spooky Mahjong
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Spooky Mahjong

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Play Spooky Mahjong, the perfect way to spend your Halloween night! Enjoy the classic game with some spooky twists.

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Spooky Mahjong is the perfect game to celebrate Halloween. Start playing right away!

Play Spooky Mahjong, and spend your Halloween night with hours of tile-matching fun! Match festively-themed tiles, earn trophies for all kinds of achievements, and strive to reach new Mahjong ranks. Enjoy the classic game as you discover a treasure trove of spooky layouts. Celebrate the holiday with Spooky Mahjong right away!
  • celebrate Halloween with more than 100 levels of Mahjong fun
  • use bonuses to shuffle your tiles, show tiles that can be matched, and more
  • finish goals such as removing tiles within 5 minutes or finishing within 30 moves to earn 3 stars for each level
  • earn trophies for achievements like removing 1000 pairs of tiles and earning 30 stars