Spooky Bonus
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Spooky Bonus

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Spooky Bonus is a Halloween-themed game that you can play all year! Make groups of bats, ghosts, zombie dolls, and much more in this 3-in-a-row adventure.

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Play Spooky Bonus, and uncover secrets while enjoying tons of original 3-in-a-row levels.

Play Spooky Bonus, an original 3-in-a-row game with tons of spooky levels! The town is visited by haunting forces. Uncover its secrets while looking for creepy accessories to give your yard a makeover. Clear every board as quickly as possible and collect as much gold as you can. Spooky Bonus is not just for Halloween: enjoy it all year!
  • play tons of unique levels in this original 3-in-a-row game
  • match eyeballs, coffins, bats, frogs, black cats, ghosts, and much more
  • use bonus items like silver bullets, silver stakes, and holy water
  • decorate your house with spooky accessories and unlock backgrounds for your computer screen