Spirit of the Ancient Forest
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Spirit of the Ancient Forest

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Spirit of the Ancient Forest tells the story of Sarah, a girl on a quest to save the Great Tree from the Dark Lord. Can you help her?

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Sarah is just a simple girl. But nothing will stand in her way, as she sets out on a journey to save the Ancient Forest.

In Spirit of the Ancient Forest, we follow the story of Sarah, a simple girl on a big adventure. After meeting the forest wizard, she learns that the Great Tree has been poisoned by the Dark Lord – a move that could spell the end for the Ancient Forest. As Sarah and her friends decide to take on the Dark Lord themselves, will you join them on their quest in Spirit of the Ancient Forest?
  • play over 90 Hidden Object levels
  • enjoy 12 hours of fascinating gameplay
  • discover more than 10 different game mechanics
  • use a whopping 500 unique game tools