Space Mosaics
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Space Mosaics

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Space Mosaics is a workout for your brain! Choose from casual to expert mode and attempt to solve tricky mosaic puzzles. Are you ready to meet the challenge?

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Enjoy the quiet beauty of space while creating beautiful mosaics!

In Space Mosaics, travel through the universe and explore new worlds. Enjoy relaxing music while you try to solve clever mosaic puzzles to create beautiful alien landscapes. Want to relax? Choose Casual mode. Looking for a real challenge? No problem, try it on Expert if you're feeling really clever! Whatever you decide, you will experience an unforgettable journey in Space Mosaics.
  • relax to soothing music while you play
  • create beautiful mosaics of strange, alien worlds
  • collect 14 trophies as you travel the universe
  • enjoy hours of mosaic gameplay