Sophias Pizza Restaurant
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Sophias Pizza Restaurant

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Sophias Pizza Restaurant is a charming match-3 adventure for those with puzzle cravings. Help Sophia get her brand new pizzeria off the ground!

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Make Sophia's dream a realization as she starts her own pizza restaurant.

Sophias Pizza Restaurant is a charming match-3 adventure. Help Sophia's dream become a reality as she starts her own pizzeria. Fulfill the wishes of hungry customers and expand your business all while solving clever puzzles. Earn tasty bonuses, win cooking trophies, and help make Sophia's pizza the best on the market. Satisfy your match-3 cravings with Sophias Pizza Restaurant today!
  • play over 100 exciting levels
  • serve customers with your time management skills
  • earn bonuses, extras, and upgrades
  • show off your accomplishments with trophies