Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2
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Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2

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Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2 proves romance is in the cards. Experience the beauty of Victorian England and the courtships that blossomed from its branch of history.

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Visit Victorian England in a solitaire game for fans of unusual layouts.

Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2 transports you to Victorian England and all the romance it entails. Witness the courtship and customs of lords and ladies as their love blossoms. Attend a lavish wedding ball in traditional Britain as you enjoy a combination of traditional, perfect match, and spider variations of solitaire. Remember, love is in the cards. Play Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2 today!
  • increase your endurance and play with 120 layouts
  • complete special tasks and collect chains of cards
  • unlock over 15 colorful trophies
  • choose your own deck from 12 different designs