Solitaire Victorian Picnic
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Solitaire Victorian Picnic

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Play Solitaire Victorian Picnic, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy life at a slower pace. Shuffle your deck of cards and enjoy a lovely endeavor in 1800s England.

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Oh the Victorian age - when tea parties were all the rage, and there was always time for Solitaire...!

Solitaire Victorian Picnic invites you to journey back to the good old days! Back when life's pace was slower and card games were the main distraction, any day was a great day for Solitaire. So take a stroll through peaceful parks, visit a masquerade ball and have a cuppa with some well-mannered people from the 1800s. Take a good old break from the daily buzz with Solitaire Victorian Picnic!
  • enjoy a stroll through the park to play Victorian Solitaire
  • match cards and empty the board as you de-stress and chill out
  • sit back and relax with nothing but a digital deck of cards
  • finish Newbie mode to unlock the challenging Professional mode