Solitaire Valentine's Day 2
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Solitaire Valentine's Day 2

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Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 is sure to be your next crush! It's always there for you, it's fun, it's cute... It's everything you'd ever wish for!

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Have faith in Cupid's arrows, and let them guide you to a solitaire game you'll be sure to love!

With Solitaire Valentine's Day 2, it'll be love at first sight! What better way to spend the day of love then with your favorite card games? Romantic music, tons of challenges... All you need now is some candles and a warm blanket, and you've got yourself the best date ever! Give in to the chemistry between you and cards, and play Solitaire Valentine's Day 2.
  • celebrate love with your favorite card games
  • complete tons of solitaire challenges in a romantic setting
  • take on special tasks and earn over 15 trophies
  • enjoy original themed cards, and 12 different back styles