Solitaire Ted and P.E.T.
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Solitaire Ted and P.E.T.

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Solitaire Ted and P.E.T. is a journey through time, starting in the Jurassic era. The only way to finish the trip is to master your solitaire card game skills.

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Wouldn't it be cool to see dinosaurs in real life? It's even better when you can do it while playing your favorite card game!

In Solitaire Ted and P.E.T., you join scientist Ted and his robotic helper P.E.T. on their quest for adventure. Start exploring the world from the very beginning and investigate the dinosaur era with your scientist friends. In the 12 chapters that follow, you'll set out on a journey through time, while solving challenging solitaire puzzles. It's all good fun with Solitaire Ted and P.E.T.
  • increase your endurance and finish every layout
  • use originally themed decks with 12 card back styles
  • discover exciting levels
  • have hours of fun in historical scenes