Solitaire Legend Of The Pirates
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Solitaire Legend Of The Pirates

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Sail the seas in Solitaire Legend of the Pirates. But beware! Finding the treasure is not as easy as it seems. Can you conquer the world of legendary pirates in this fun game?

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Avast! Keep ye eyes on the gold while ye sail through the sea 'o cards. But beware 'o lurkin' pirates. Shiver me timbers!

Solitaire Legend of the Pirates takes you straight to the Caribbean from the comfort of your own home. Find your inner pirate and discover many a hidden treasure. Of course, the only way to find the booty is to puzzle your way through the challenging solitaire levels. Conquer the sea of cards in Solitaire Legend of the Pirates.
  • explore 12 new worlds of fun solitaire gameplay
  • challenge yourself to collect all 15 pirate trophies
  • improve your card skills over a range of difficulty levels
  • get creative with special card themes and styles