Solitaire Detective - Framed!
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Solitaire Detective - Framed!

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Play Solitaire Detective - Framed! and prove a groom-to-be's innocence. When his romantic proposal is interrupted by a false arrest, only you can set him free with your cards!

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Before she gets a chance to say 'I do!', her groom is falsely arrested. Set things straight with solitaire!

Solitaire Detective - Framed! starts off with a romantic proposal, but disaster strikes somewhere in between 'Marry me' and 'I do'... The groom-to-be is arrested for a robbery that he simply couldn't have committed. Or could he? The love of his life, Mary, sets out to prove his innocence. Join her on a dangerous solitaire quest to find the true criminal in Solitaire Detective - Framed!
  • prove a soon-to-be husband's innocence by making Solitaire matches
  • read the truth in your cards and find the real culprit
  • don't give up on justice and help Mary with her challenging case
  • hand-pick tile skins and unlock your choice of power-ups