Solitaire 220 Plus
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Solitaire 220 Plus

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Solitaire 220 Plus combines every imaginable variation of this card game classic. Enjoy Solitaire gameplay to suit every taste!

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Discover Solitaire 220 Plus, a world of card game joy! What's your favorite Solitaire variation?

Enjoy Solitaire 220 Plus and be overwhelmed by the very best variations this card game classic has to offer! Solitaire fans are spoilt for choice with the incredible amount of game variety. From Klondike to FreeCell, all of your favorites are in the deck. Choose card sets, visuals and gameplay to your taste and sit back for never-ending fun. Get your cards in order with Solitaire 220 Plus today!
  • explore an incredible world of Solitaire variations
  • pick a game type, card set and background of choice for the perfect game
  • clear the deck and order your cards with as few clicks as possible
  • improve with every fun game and track your progress in Statistics