Snoopy Snails
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Snoopy Snails

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Snoopy Snails is a comical puzzle game. Join a pair of snails as their neatly planned vacation soon turns into a sidewinding adventure.

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Join a pair of adventurous snails as their easygoing holiday soon turns into a comical mishappen adventure.

Snoopy Snails follows lovable snail couple Bridget and Matthew. The two head to the port on a much-needed vacation, but when they arrive, things start to go wrong! Determined to enjoy their well-deserved holiday, the pair of snails set off on a comical adventure. Solve Match 3 and Hidden Object puzzles to help them reach their destination. Play Snoopy Snails today!
  • solve 150 Match 3 levels
  • find 50 secret Hidden Object quests
  • discover beautiful garden locations
  • unlock boosters and special elements to bolster gameplay