Snack 2 Go
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Snack 2 Go

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Snack 2 Go is a tasty 3-in-a-row game! Work hard to turn the local snack car into a successful business. Start your own snack bar today!

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In Snack 2 Go, you need to restore the local snack business to its former glory.

Play Snack 2 Go, a fast-paced 3-in-a-row game, filled with tasty snacks! After walking around in your new town, you find yourself to be the new partner of the local snack car. With your help and expertise, the town will have a successful snackbar like it used to have. Can you handle the stress? Find out as you play Snack 2 Go!
  • play a mouthwatering mix of 3-in-a-row and cooking games
  • earn enough cash to pay rent, buy upgrades, and increase your inventory
  • use all kinds of features to manage customer satisfaction
  • discover fun mini-games to accept deliveries and keep your snack bar well stocked