Sinister City
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Sinister City

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In Sinister City, you need to help John find his bride Nina. She's been kidnapped by an evil vampire, and John can't track her down alone!

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Play Sinister City and help John find his bride who's been taken by a terrible vampire!

Play Sinister City and make sure two loved ones can be together again! John's bride Nina went missing and it seems like somebody's kidnapped her and brought her to Sinister City, a town inhabited by vampires. Has she been taken by Count Orlok, the most terrible vampire in the city? Find out as soon as possible, and help John on his search in Sinister City!
  • find and save John's bride Nina and reunite these two loved ones
  • choose between two different game modes and explore over 50 thrilling scenes
  • solve many hidden object challenges and exciting puzzles and mini-games
  • enjoy an intriguing storyline, full 3D characters, and creepy locations