Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident
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Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident

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Play Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident and try to find a way out of your favorite horror B-movie! But is this a dream come true, or a total nightmare?

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Imagine waking up to find yourself in your favorite horror B-movie... Would it be a dream? Or a nightmare...

In Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of your favorite horror B-movie. However, some things are a little different than you remember - and not in a good way... Who changed the plot and made you the main star? And is there actually a way to get out? Find out now and play Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident!
  • find a way out of your favorite horror B-movie
  • search for useful items in tons of exciting hidden object scenes
  • solve a wide variety of mini-games to find out what's going on
  • enjoy surprising plot twists, an original soundtrack, and more