Set Sail - Caribbean
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Set Sail - Caribbean

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Discover Set Sail - Caribbean and take fate into your own hands. Only with cunning and strategy can you defeat the pirate king.

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There's only one way to defeat a pirate king. It's time to Set Sail!

Set Sail - Caribbean is no mere tall tale. The governor's daughter, Catherine, has been betrothed in a bid to save the governor from his debts. But Catherine has a few ideas of her own! Take fate into your own hands as you conquer debts, pirates, business, and the high seas. Use strategy and cunning to manage resources. Show the pirate king the true meaning of plunder in Set Sail - Caribbean.
  • explore 6 unique islands
  • conquer 50 levels
  • unlock trophies worthy of a sea-faring pirate
  • outwit the pirate king using cunning and strategy