Secret Investigations - Themis
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Secret Investigations - Themis

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Secret Investigations - Themis requires your best detective skills. Follow the clues from the crime to the criminals who committed them and bring them to justice!

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Use your best detective skills to solve a series of mysterious crimes and expose the insidious criminals!

Secret Investigations - Themis puts your detective skills to the test. The crime scenes are devoid of clues, and the criminals responsible have covered their tracks. Hardly any evidence remains. Can you crack the case and bring the culprits to justice - or will the criminals get away? Prove you have what it takes to solve these mysterious crimes in Secret Investigations - Themis!
  • Enjoy over 10 hours of gameplay.
  • Use your detective skills to find cleverly hidden clues.
  • Explore breathtaking locations and enthralling plots.
  • Solve the crimes and bring the criminals to justice!