Secret Investigations - Nemesis
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Secret Investigations - Nemesis

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Secret Investigations - Nemesis is the ultimate challenge for any Hidden Object fanatic. Become a true detective, solve 10 mysterious crimes, and expose the real criminals.

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To a detective, there's only one truth. It's up to you to find the real culprits in 10 challenging cases.

Secret Investigations - Nemesis is an exciting and enticing multilevel detective game. Confronted with 10 incredibly intricate cases - the culprits tried hard to cover their tracks, and left little evidence at the crime scenes - it's up to you to use logical thinking, pay attention to details, and have a sharp eye for noticing clues. Challenge yourself with Secret Investigations - Nemesis.
  • play over 600 beautiful Hidden Object scenes
  • meet attractive characters, each with their own fascinating life
  • enjoy more than 8 hours of gameplay
  • earn 18 achievements throughout the game