Season Match
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Season Match

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The Snow Queen has the kingdom frozen in a never-ending snow storm. Why is she angry? Make her happy and end the snow.

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The Winter Queen must be stopped!

The Snow Queen has the kingdom frozen in a never-ending snow storm. Make her happy and end the snow in Season Match, a fast-paced, beautiful match 3 game of sparkling jewels, magical tools, and seasons at odds.

The Snow Queen's mirror is broken and fairy-land is experiencing the freezing cold effect of her wrath. Find the pieces and restore her mirror to warm the Snow Queen and release fairy-land from the freeze. With the help of three season princesses, you will have the magic tools and potent power-ups you'll need to save the kingdom from the killing chill.

Use your keen match 3 skills to collapse and clear the board, collect trophies, and restore the Snow Queen's mirror when you play Season Match today!
  • Learn secrets from the three princesses of emerald spring, blossoming summer, and golden autumn.
  • Move through the seasons one by one to get the Snow Queen's castle and defeat her wrath with a completely restored mirror.
  • Unlock bonus gameplay by completing the quest, collecting all the trophies and revealing the secret room.
  • Play the Quest in Relaxed or Timed mode, and unlock Arcade for even more fun.