Saving Clicklandia Collector's Edition

Saving Clicklandia Collector's Edition

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Saving Clicklandia Collector's Edition embarks on a legendary adventure! Collect resources and defeat enemies with simple mouse clicks in this thrilling GameHouse Premiere.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Defeat a dragon to save Clicklandia!

In Saving Clicklandia Collector's Edition, an ancient evil has awoken in the Kingdom of Clicklandia! The Legendary Dragon has attacked, leaving the fate of the kingdom and its people hanging in the balance. But, only a true hero can face the impending disaster. Will you rise to the challenge? Collect resources and battle enemies in the GameHouse Premiere of Saving Clicklandia Collector's Edition!
  • Conquer 150 Match 3 levels and unlock 50 bonus levels!
  • Strategize your way to victory with simple mouse clicks.
  • Earn gold to purchase useful powerups and cosmetic items.
  • Collect resources, defeat enemies, and fight formidable foes!