Rush for Gold - Alaska
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Rush for Gold - Alaska

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Rush for Gold - Alaska is a fantastic action adventure! Travel to Alaska in search of gold, and save the family business from bankruptcy.

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In Rush for Gold - Alaska, you need to find a way to save your family from bankruptcy. Play now!

Play Rush for Gold - Alaska, a fantastic action game, and try your luck as a prospector! The family business went bankrupt, your father suffered a heart attack, and you decide it's time for a change. You travel to Alaska in search of gold. On your way, you encounter towns and people who need your help. Will you strike it rich? Find out in Rush for Gold - Alaska!
  • discover a treasure trove of levels and challenges with this action game
  • collect resources like food and wood, and use them to construct buildings, hire more workers, and more
  • scare off wild animals and protect the town from bandits
  • follow the trail of gold dust all the way to Alaska