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Runefall takes you to the medieval town of Rivermoor. Its glory was wiped out by a devastating war. Rebuild the once bustling town and enjoy an innovative match 3 game!

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Play Runefall and enjoy an innovative match 3 quest. Restore Rivermoor's impressive appearance.

Runefall is an adventurous match 3 quest in the medieval town of Rivermoor. Once, this was a bustling township, but a devastating war wiped out its impressive appearance with the blink of an eye. Form rows of three or more to collect resources and rebuild the town to its former glory. Meanwhile, retrieve artifacts of the Chronicle Ruin. Enjoy lots of innovative challenges with Runefall!
  • match gold, stone and wood to earn resources
  • choose Timed over Relaxed mode for a much deserved bonus
  • get funds from the King by retrieving all artifacts
  • enjoy a match 3 game with a captivating storyline and engaging dialogs