Rune Stones Quest 2
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Rune Stones Quest 2

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Rune Stones Quest 2 is a Match 3 adventure that will take you into the heart of the northern mountains. There, help the dwarves reclaim their home.

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Help a squad of dwarves rebuild their ancient city and create new runestones to protect the north.

Rune Stones Quest 2 announces the time of dwarves is upon us! Travel alongside a squad of dwarves as they make their way north into the mountains. They'll need your direction, strategy, and resourceful thinking to overcome the challenges that await. Conquer 80 fast-paced levels spanning 7 glorious locations. The time has come. Play Rune Stones Quest 2 today!
  • conquer 80 fun and challenging levels
  • play 5 game modes with exciting variants
  • harvest crops and extract treasures
  • rebuild the glorious dwarven kingdom!