Runaway Express Mystery
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Runaway Express Mystery

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In Runaway Express Mystery, a hidden object adventure, you need to help a mother save her children from the evil engineer of a legendary train!

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Explore Runaway Express Mystery, and enjoy a thrilling hidden object game full of challenges!

Discover Runaway Express Mystery, and enjoy an exciting hidden object adventure! What started off as a fun train exhibition turns into a nightmare, when a legendary train starts moving while there are still children on board. Their mother jumps on the train and finds it full of unusual passengers. Are you up for a mysterious and thrilling adventure? Play Runaway Express Mystery now!
  • save a young mother's children from a legendary train full of unusual passengers
  • search the famous train for clues and investigate every exciting location
  • find out what happened to the train's passengers who all died in the past fifty years
  • enjoy thrilling hidden object scenes full of challenges and mini-games