Royal Roads Collector's Edition
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Royal Roads Collector's Edition

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Royal Roads Collector's Edition summons you on a thrilling quest. Explore a fairytale kingdom in a Time Management adventure and defeat the evil witch that plagues it.

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Find and rescue the missing princess from an evil witch's spell.

Royal Roads Collector's Edition summons you! This beautiful kingdom dances on the edge between reality and fantasy. The princess Layna looks forward to her coronation, when suddenly - a witch appears and kidnaps her! The kingdom is lost without its princess. Find the princess and rescue her from the evil witch's cursed spell in Time Management adventure Royal Roads Collector's Edition.
  • Explore the magical kingdom of Royal Roads.
  • Enjoy addictive gameplay suited for all ages.
  • Meet and bond with interesting, colorful characters.
  • Collect trophies in over 40 fun Time Management levels.