Royal Mahjong - King's Journey
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Royal Mahjong - King's Journey

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Play Royal Mahjong - King's Journey and enjoy a glorious quest around your kingdom! Crown yourself with fun and relaxing Mahjong challenges.

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Enjoy Royal Mahjong - King's Journey and fill your treasury. You're welcome, your Highness!

Royal Mahjong - King's Journey welcomes you, your Highness, to a land filled with Mahjong. Relax or stretch your brain and fill your treasury with gold and silver. Clear boards of choice and earn as many coins as possible by making chains. Crown yourself for every challenge and unlock special bonuses. Enjoy a glorious quest around your kingdom in Royal Mahjong - King's Journey!
  • discover your very own royal realm filled with Mahjong adventures
  • choose your own levels with an abundant amount of optional boards
  • earn crowns and coins to unlock and upgrade bonuses
  • create chains of equal or higher stones to receive lavish rewards