Rory's Restaurant Origins
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Rory's Restaurant Origins

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Rory's Restaurant Origins is the ultimate puzzle challenge. Cook your way through endlessly fun mini-games, and help Rory get her cooking diploma!

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This game is a fun way to challenge your puzzling skills. After all - your brain needs to be stimulated every day.

In Rory's Restaurant Origins, you'll help aspiring chef Rory get through Culinary School - a challenge that'll take more than just a talent for good cooking. You'll discover your Hidden Object skills, question your Match 3 experience, and put your puzzle abilities to the ultimate test. Will Rory finally become the great cook she’s always wanted to be? Find out in Rory's Restaurant Origins.
  • cook over 30 different delicious dishes
  • find cooking ingredients from all over the world
  • test your Hidden Object skills in challenging levels
  • play dozen of mini-games and decorate Rory's room