Rome Defenders - The First Wave
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Rome Defenders - The First Wave

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Armor up for Rome Defenders - The First Wave and save the great city from innumerable assaults. After all, they don't call it the Eternal City for nothing...

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Rome's under fire! Weather the storm of assaults, or the Eternal City's history will need to be rewritten...

Rome Defenders - The First Wave is bursting with action! The Eternal City is under assault, and this conflict isn't about to blow over. So gear up with heavy weaponry, and blast your opponents from the field! Just be wary: whenever you reload or power-up, so will your rivals... Can you survive wave after wave of attacks? Save the city and write history in Rome Defenders - The First Wave!
  • weather a storm of assaults and save the Eternal City
  • face a variety of opponents, each with a unique set of deadly skills
  • earn trophies, unlock powerful bonuses, and write Rome's history
  • perfect your tactics and smooth out your strategy to earn every trophy