Riddles of Egypt
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Riddles of Egypt

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Unravel Riddles of Egypt and bury a deadly evil! Find hidden objects, finish mystical mini-games and seize the Crystals of Power. Can you stop the Apocalypse?

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Play Riddles of Egypt and travel to sandy sights of the ancient East. Find hidden objects to stop evil!

Play Riddles of Egypt and save an ancient civilization from an even older evil! Find hidden objects to make your way through a bone-dry oasis, a mysterious temple and a majestic pyramid to seize the Crystals of Power. These gems are the only hope to bury a deadly evil energy. Can you prevent the Apocalypse? Unleash your heroic side and save the ancient East in riddles of Egypt!
  • save mankind from the evil power that lurks under the sandy surface
  • finish mystical mini-games and start your hunt for hidden objects through ancient Egypt
  • defeat dark demons and prolong 3000 peaceful years to infinity
  • find all amulet pieces accompanied by immersive music and vivid graphics