Riddle of the Mask
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Riddle of the Mask

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In Riddle of the Mask, it is up to you to solve mind-bending puzzles! Can you collect all beautiful masks from carnivals around the world?

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Relax your body and engage your mind with this beautiful Puzzle game!

Riddle of the Mask will send you to the most well-known carnivals in the world! Solve devilishly tricky puzzles to collect all the masks for the Countess. While the soothing music relaxes your body, your mind will definitely be working overtime to finish all of these delightful puzzles. Can you handle the challenge and collect all the masks? Find out now in Riddle of the Mask!
  • solve 120 challenging puzzles
  • earn beautiful trophies as you make your way around the world
  • enjoy the captivating 18th century carnival atmosphere
  • collect unique masks and enjoy famous carnivals