Rescue Quest Gold Platinum Edition
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Rescue Quest Gold Platinum Edition

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The magical Rescue Quest Gold Platinum Edition tells the tale of magicians Zap and Boom, as they embark on an adventure to save the Spritelings, and defeat an evil sorcerer.

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Are you ready to embark on a quest? Join a magicians' duo in their battle against evil. This is pure Match 3 magic!

Rescue Quest Gold Platinum Edition is a magical Match 3 adventure. Join twin magicians Boom and Zap on their road to Turnspell Academy, where they plan to study to become fully-fledged wizards. But with the land's magic fading as the Spritelings slowly disappear, it's up to our favorite twins to rescue the Spritelings and save the world from an evil sorcerer in Rescue Quest Gold Platinum Edition.
  • take on over 260 levels across an epic and magical world
  • unlock power-ups and learn magical spells as you progress
  • complete quests to find keys, defeat bosses, or race against rivals
  • overcome obstacles in the terrain, and fight special enemies