Rescue Adventure - Push Puzzle
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Rescue Adventure - Push Puzzle

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Rescue Adventure - Push Puzzle embarks on an inspiring mission! Enjoy unique Push Puzzle gameplay across dozens of challenging levels, while rescuing adorable animals!

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Renovate and decorate an animal rescue center!

Rescue Adventure - Push Puzzle embarks on an inspiring puzzle adventure! Join Veterinarian Sara on her quest to renovate an animal rescue center. Push, slide and destroy objects in order to collect keys, open doors, and rescue adorable animals. Enjoy dozens of beautifully crafted Push Puzzle levels, while renovating and decorating the rescue center in Rescue Adventure - Push Puzzle!
  • Exercise your brain and solve over 100 puzzles!
  • Collect 15 animals and enjoy stunning graphics.
  • Push, slide and move objects to rescue animals.
  • Help Sara renovate and decorate the rescue center!