Quadrium 2
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Quadrium 2

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Quadrium 2 is a new Match 3 game. Become a master of bonuses and antibonuses as you utilize strategic thinking to clear the board.

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Master bonuses and antibonuses in a strategic Match 3 game.

Quadrium 2 is a Match 3 game that takes place in an unusual setting. Use strategic thinking to create bonuses and antibonuses, trigger chain reactions, and clear the board. With a newly-added Challenge Mode, Match 3 masters can take on boards with higher difficulty and tougher opponents. It's time to show those bosses who's, well, boss! Play Quadrium 2 today.
  • create fun new bonuses and reaction chains
  • conquer mighty bosses
  • choose between Relaxed and Challenge Modes
  • immerse yourself in stunning gameplay and visuals