Push the Box
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Push the Box

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Play Push the Box, and save three little pigs from the big bad wolf. Challenge yourself with this incredible puzzle game today!

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In Push the Box, you need to overcome many obstacles to save three pigs from the big bad wolf.

Play Push the Box, a unique puzzle game! When Oin-Oink visits his cousins, they're nowhere to be found. He finds suspicious footprints, and discovers the big bad wolf has kidnapped his friends. He must be brave enough to save them, but it will take patience and clever thinking. Help him in Push the Box today!
  • discover many challenges in this easy-to-learn puzzle game
  • play 100 different levels in five chapters of the classic fairytale
  • decide carefully how to overcome certain obstacles
  • earn achievements for pushing 200 boxes, finishing all levels, getting caught by guards, and more