Princess Solitaire
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Princess Solitaire

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Princess Solitaire is a magical Solitaire game. Help a courageous princess save her fairytale kingdom from the dark spells of a wicked witch!

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Embark on a fairytale adventure to save the Kingdom of Marderburg from the evil wicked witch!

Princess Solitaire sets off on a journey to the delightful Kingdom of Marderburg. A celebration of its glorious history is in full swing, but one guest was forgotten - the powerful wicked witch! Both the kingdom and the handsome prince are cursed with magical cards. Help the princess fight the evil and neutralize the witch's spells in Princess Solitaire!
  • Play over 160 story-driven Solitaire levels!
  • Enjoy a fascinating story full of thrilling challenges.
  • Master fun boosters, wild cards, and Joker cards!
  • Discover the beauty of the magical Kingdom of Marderburg.