Popper Lands Colony
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Popper Lands Colony

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The Popper Lands Colony needs your help! Collect resources with your bubble shooter skills and build a village. With the governor on his way, there's no time to waste!

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Check out this poppin' game! Shoot bubbles to earn your villagers their ideal home.

Build the perfect Popper Lands Colony for your friendly villagers! Play through this poppin' bubble shooter to collect gold and earn resources with skilful shots. You can put the resources you collect to good use, and create a beautiful village - but are you going to finish in time for the Governor's visit? Start shooting those bubbles and find out in Popper Lands Colony!
  • test your popping skills in 110 bubble shooter levels
  • gather resources and gold to grow your own village
  • enjoy colorful scenes in cute locations
  • try to earn three stars as the challenge rises