Play With Me
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Play With Me

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Play With Me places you in the grip of a dangerous serial killer. Kidnapped and confronted with a maze of puzzles, do you have what it takes to survive the "Illusion"?

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Put your humanity to the test. Will you dare to play with me?

Play With Me is an escape-the-room style thriller. After being kidnapped by the serial killer known as "Illusion\you'll be forced to traverse his deadly maze. Solve cruel and cunning puzzles in a bid to survive. Thanks to the "Mental State System\you'll step into the shoes of your character and their own unique mental state. Do you have what it takes to survive Play With Me?
  • Experience more through the "Mental State System".
  • Make moral choices that will impact your game.
  • See past numerous optical puzzles and illusions.
  • Discover multiple endings. Which ending will you get?