Pizza Chef
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Pizza Chef

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Create a fabulous chain of fantastic pizzerias!

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Enjoy a Slice of Fun!

Create a fabulous chain of fantastic pizzerias in this original game that's full of delicious fun! Arrange classic pizza ingredients into matching groups of three or more to fire up the burners and create room to cook your orders. Arrange your customers' orders on the hot burners and deliver the taste they crave. Side orders, like burgers and fries, will keep your customers patient, but you'll have to complete their orders fast to keep them from walking out! Use your earnings to purchase new pizza recipes or upgrade your equipment and watch your sales soar. Featuring more than 70 challenging levels, innovative gameplay, and original bonus rounds, Pizza Chef is a slice of fun delivered right to your computer!
  • Over 70 Challenging Levels
  • Unlock Recipes, Upgrades, and More
  • Original Bonus Rounds
  • Hours of Fast Fun