Pirate's Solitaire 2
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Pirate's Solitaire 2

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In Pirate's Solitaire 2, a swashbuckling adventure, you need to play cards on the enemy's deck. Will you get away with the treasure?

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Pirate's Solitaire 2 is a swashbuckling game for treasure! Play your cards right for many-a coin.

Play Pirate's Solitaire 2, a swashbuckling card adventure, and get away with the treasure! Take the game to your enemy by playing solitaire on their ship's deck. Match pairs of cards and try to uncover every special card. Pair gem cards for extra coins. Strategically use cards from the deck - you may need them later. Can you outwit the pirates at their own game? Find out in Pirate's Solitaire 2!
  • battle through more than 100 unique levels with this card game
  • make pairs of cards to uncover special gold cards
  • use power-ups like shuffle and jokers to complete tough levels
  • find all gold cards in every level for the highest scores