Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures
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Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures

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Play Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures and set sail for the Caaaarribbean. The treasures be hidden, and ye'll need a keen eye for detail to dig them up!

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The hunt for Caaaaarrrribbean treasures is on... Let's hope ye're eye for detail is not eyepatched!

In Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures, the search for hidden treasures is on! Bring ye're keen eye for detail (ye're eyepatch will just get in the way) and start assembling tons of beautiful pirate themed puzzles. Can ye dig up all the Caaaarrribean treasures? Yarr! Set sail on the wonderful adventure that be Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures!
  • prove that you're a one of a kind puzzle pirate, and piece together 120 puzzles
  • set sail for 6 exciting locations, all with their very own puzzle material
  • use a wide variety of bonuses and earn all the special trophies
  • discover challenging quests and enjoy the relaxing soundtrack