Pirate Chronicles Platinum Edition
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Pirate Chronicles Platinum Edition

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Pirate Chronicles Platinum Edition is the perfect game for sea-legged buccaneers! A friendly pirate is robbed of his true love. Raise the Jolly Roger and set sail to save her!

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Aye captain! Ready t' rebuild yer fleet? Come on ye landlubbers and raise the Jolly Roger!

Aye captain! Pirate Chronicles Platinum Edition awaits! For a well-meaning pirate, the ocean is generous with adventure and love. But one day, the winds change. After setting sail to rob the greedy, you cross lanes with ill-hearted pirates. The notorious Black Armada sinks your ship and captures your beloved one. Time to raise the Jolly Roger for Pirate Chronicles Platinum Edition!
  • sail the seas of adventure and set your loved one free
  • explore islands and rebuild your fleet to full strength
  • enjoy the thrill of fighting vile foes in Normal or Relaxed mode
  • instruct the crew to leave no achievement, artifact or treasure undiscovered