Picross BonBon Nonograms
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Picross BonBon Nonograms

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Picross BonBon Nonograms takes you on a globetrotting adventure. Join Judith and Toby and discover the world's most delicious sweets recipes.

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Hop on in this sweet ride! The world-traveling sweet van is on a quest to find the best sugary recipes.

Picross BonBon Nonograms offers to take you on one sweet globetrotting adventure! Join Judith and Toby to discover the most delicious dessert recipes in the world. No obstacle will stand in their way! Drive the sweet van up the tallest mountains and into the deepest canyons on their mouth-watering quest. Hit the road and spoil your sweet tooth in Picross BonBon Nonograms.
  • Traverse 5 continents and 160 challenging levels.
  • Enjoy braintraining exercises for logical thinkers.
  • Acquire various trophies and sweet treats.
  • Relax with stunning illustrations and soothing music.