Phenomenon - Outcome Platinum Edition
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Phenomenon - Outcome Platinum Edition

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In Phenomenon - Outcome Platinum Edition, Earth is on the brink of disaster. Only you can stop an alien substance from spreading beyond the island's shores...

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Can you vanquish a deadly alien substance? Soon it'll start spreading its way beyond the island's shore...

In Phenomenon - Outcome Platinum Edition, a medallion you found years ago suddenly starts to reveal its powers. You follow its call for adventure to a mysterious island, and soon discover the dangers that lie ahead. A deadly Cyan Plasma is threatening not only the island, but all of the earth! Stop it while you still can! Our fate is in your hands in Phenomenon - Outcome Platinum Edition!
  • follow a powerful medallion deep into an epic adventure
  • explore a mysterious island that's under the spell of a deadly Cyan Plasma
  • outsmart puzzling challenges to save earth
  • find the missing research team that can lead you to salvation