Pet Store Panic
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Pet Store Panic

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Keep your cool in Pet Store Panic! Customers enter, the professor's nifty inventions are running at full steam... Keep up and match everyone with the perfect furry companion!

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Don't panic! The pet store is prepped with the professor's ingenious inventions. Build that bustling business!

Play Pet Store Panic and help Polly revive a pet store chain! The ingenious Professor Egbert has created a lot of incredible inventions for the pet market - but being an incredible inventor and building a bustling business are two very different skills... That's where you come in! Use your economic acumen and pragmatic strategy to take over the nation with furry fun, in Pet Store Panic!
  • help Professor Egbert create a bustling pet business
  • match every customer with the perfect furry companion
  • power up the pet store by purchasing new ingenious inventions
  • get quicker and quicker on your feet to serve clients in time