Pastime Puzzles - The Fifties
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Pastime Puzzles - The Fifties

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Jigsaw puzzles just like you used to do round the kitchen table, without ever having to worry about losing a piece!

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Good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles, without ever having to worry about losing a piece!

Remember the fun everyone had in times gone by, doing jigsaw puzzles round the kitchen table? Sitting together, hot chocolate within reach and then puzzling away! Pastime Puzzles has given that good old-fashioned family puzzle time a new face-lift. With 50 puzzles and lots of fun options, Pastime Puzzles isn't just filled with wonderful puzzles and good old-fashioned fun; you'll never have to worry about losing a piece again either.
  • Fifty wonderful puzzles to solve!
  • Two different puzzle modes: Classic and Express!
  • Full-screen game play!
  • Never lose another puzzle piece again!