Paradise Quest
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Paradise Quest

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Bring a majestic island back to life in an amazing and revolutionary puzzle journey that will captivate your senses!

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Bring a majestic island back to life!

Deep within the Galapagos Islands, drastic climate changes have affected the beautiful isle of Isabela. The wildlife has vanished, food is scarce, and living habitats no longer exist. Playing as Dr. Evan Finch, you have arrived to re-establish life in this once-flourishing paradise. Collect resources to revive the island's lush vegetation and photograph its renewal as amazing wildlife slowly returns. Besides your own personal reward gained from such a fulfilling endeavor however, there's also a possibility of something even greater with the uncovering of ancient artifacts! Match items of three or more and use power-ups to create the resources needed. Purchase upgrades and experience the new twist in moving about the board by creating matches. With its unique mixture of Match 3 game play and eco-friendly theme, see why critics are declaring this exciting adventure "One of the finest examples we've seen of both, it's sure to be a hit with kids, adults and carbon-conscious players of all interests and backgrounds alike." Try Paradise Quest today and set off one of the most rewarding journeys you have ever experienced!
  • Restore life to a once-flourishing island with majestic animals
  • Collect resources to revive the lush vegetation and photograph its renewal
  • Uncover secrets of a civilization as you wander the island
  • Enjoy the navigation twist as matches direct you across the board
  • Document unique species and share with the entire family