Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure
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Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure

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Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure leads you to an abandoned town in search of an ancient treasure. Together with a rich businessman, embark on a quest to rescue your loved one!

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Enter into a reluctant partnership with a rich businessman and his gang to find the famed Corwin's Treasure.

Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure invites you to the abandoned town of St. Martica. Help the wealthy Mr. John Atkins search for the fabled ancient riches known as Corwin's Treasure. But Mr. Atkins has ulterior motives! Help him uncover the treasure in exchange for your kidnapped wife's safety! Find the elusive Corwin's Treasure and save your wife from Mr. Atkins in Outlaws - Corwin's Treasure.
  • Solve over 30 challenging hidden object puzzles.
  • Use your knowledge of history to find the treasure.
  • Save your wife from the devious Mr. Atkins.
  • Unlock the mystery behind the famed Corwin's Treasure!