Olympus Griddlers
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Olympus Griddlers

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In Olympus Griddlers, a mind-boggling puzzle game, the Greek gods will reward you for the difficult tasks ahead of you.

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Olympus Griddlers is a mind-boggling challenge with more than 100 unique puzzles. Play now!

Play Olympus Griddlers, and challenge yourself with mind-boggling puzzles! The Greek gods have many quests for you, and they'll reward you with superb trophies and as much gold as you like - that is providing you succeed in finishing the difficult tasks. Fill in the numbers correctly within the grid to decipher ancient scrolls. Become the hero of Greece in Olympus Griddlers!
  • decode scrolls in more than 100 unique puzzles
  • try to solve puzzles without making errors to earn as many stars and coins as possible
  • use your well-earned gold to buy extra's in the shop
  • unlock more than 15 trophies for your heroic deeds