Ocean Mahjong
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Ocean Mahjong

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Ocean Mahjong is a game as rich and varied as the ocean itself. Over 100 relaxing levels await you. It's mahjong, with modifications!

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Enjoy a game as rich and varied as the ocean itself - it's mahjong, with modifications!

Ocean Mahjong is a puzzle game as vast as the ocean itself. Enjoy 7 types of mahjong gameplay, all inspired by the calm of the big blue sea. Over 100 levels lie buried beneath the calming waves. Relaxing music and beautiful visuals await. Choose from 3 different difficulties, or create your own. Dive right in and play Ocean Mahjong today!
  • play various styles of mahjong gameplay
  • choose from 3 difficulty modes, or build your own
  • enjoy over 100 levels
  • relax with calming, ocean-inspired music and visuals